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The Power of Social Media “Yes We Did”

One of the bright young new stars in the new media space is Rahaf Harfoush of Toronto and Geneva. Rahaf has earned her reputation as a productive and inciteful research coordinator for Don Tapscott author of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything and Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World HC who has written… Read More »

Glenn Livingston- An Adwords Shrink- Get His Free Stuff

17 FREE AdWords Cheat Sheets, Videos, and MP3s Pay per click is undoubtedly THE advertising breakthrough of the 21st century. For the first time in history, you only show your ad to people already interested in what you’ve got to offer, … and you only pay when they visit your “store” But because the search engines charge advertisers… Read More »

Fre.e Report Available

If you are doing anything where you plan to use teleseminars I encourage you to get this Free Report by Kathleen Gage. I listened to Kathleen on a teleseminar hosted by Denise Wakeman of the “Blog Squad” tonite when she talked about her report. You can get it below Click Here To Get Your Copy of Kathleen’s Report

Use Social Media Effectively; Build Relationships Not Barrage

I just saw this item from Shannon Pauls Blog which struck me as very insightful to all marketers and net publishers. The post is on How To Participate In Social Media Without Being That Guy and Shannon gave that presentation to Podcamp Michigan in early November. Here it is below: | View | Upload your own Leave me… Read More »