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35 Beautiful Landing Page Designs – Examples [With Critiques] | Unbounce

See on – Local Search Marketing Ideas What is it that makes a landing page effective? Here’s a showcase of 35 awesome landing pages, to give you some inspiration for your next design.   @Unbounce can be helpful for local businesses to improve your conversions, and isnt that what it is all about,eh? See on

Follow-up Study: The Best Citation Sources by Category | Mihmorandum

See on – Local Search Marketing Ideas I’m excited to announce a follow-up to the last – study: the Best Citation Sources by Category for U.S. businesses.   As with the previous study, Darren and I used his Local Citation Finder tool and looked at some of the most common keywords within 70 local search… Read More »

The “New” SEO Secret Weapon | Copyblogger

Via – Local Search Marketing Ideas “Manipulating Google results shouldn’t be something you feel entitled to be able to do. If you want to rank highly in Google, be relevant for the user currently searching. Engage him in social media or email, provide relevant information about what you’re selling, and, generally, be a “good match” for what… Read More »