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Cambridge Local Search Marketer Offers Helpout

Cambridge Local Search Marketer- The Silent Seller   I am a local search marketer and digital marketing agency  in  Cambridge Ontario. With over 30 years in the marketing business I can help you to improve your marketing spend, increase your visibility, generate more referrals, and give you the training you need to do it all yourself or outsource… Read More »

The Honest Economy: Marcus Sheridan

The Honest Economy: Marcus Sheridan at TEDxRockCreekPark Marcus Sheridan is one of the sharp young speaker/marketers out there and is worth listening to. he is the operator of River Pools, the most traficked swimming pool website in the world, which is an example of successful internet marketing in action. His directness and honesty are refreshing.     The… Read More »

Mobile Matters- Are You Listed in ?

Mobile Growing 2 x 3 Times 2011 You Need can help you be found in a myriad of directories and locations. Are You Listed – Mobile marketing is occuring 2 to 3 times more in 2012 than the year before. is your business listed in the search engines,local directories and GPS companies. Ensure it is.Place… Read More »

Follow-up Study: The Best Citation Sources by Category | Mihmorandum

See on – Local Search Marketing Ideas I’m excited to announce a follow-up to the last – study: the Best Citation Sources by Category for U.S. businesses.   As with the previous study, Darren and I used his Local Citation Finder tool and looked at some of the most common keywords within 70 local search… Read More »