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PPC Management- Avoid Mistakes and Profit

PPC Management requires you to be on top of your game. When you make mistakes you may not achieve the conversion results and end up wasting money. Here are some ideas to avoid the mistakes 1. Not doing good keyword research. Good keyword research using free tools like Wordtracker, Wordstream or Google’s own Keyword Tool will provide you… Read More »

PPC Loophole Speed PPC V4 New Features & Benefits

SpeedPPC V4 brings with it lots of new cutting edge features that will lift the game for those who use it. It is the upgrade to Speed PPC V3 which we have reviewed on this blog before. These advancements include: Interface * All the new features mean a shiny new interface, with customizable toolbars and improved data entry… Read More »

Pay Per Click Management- Common Mistakes To Avoid in PPC

Pay Per Click Management Techniques There are some very common mistakes people make when implementing their Google AdWords campaign management strategies. More than 90% of AdWords campaigns and their Pay Per Click Management is the most effective (in terms of reaching the target market or cost) manner. However, these campaigns can be turned around and begin to produce… Read More »