Clickbank CPA Products-I.M. B.S.

By | July 31, 2009

I recently bought a Clickbank CPA product with one of its numerous upsells.

When I opened the download and looked at what I was getting I sensed a serious disconnect with the promise in the sales letter and the product received. This product was promoted by a number of Clickbank affiliates in a similar way to other products promoted by a similar group of marketers.

The M.O. was the same, hype the product, low initial price, numerous upsells, special inner circle etc. But if the basic offering is nothing new you soil the chances and sour the customer from purchasing again from emails that are being sent out by the JV partners, which then leads to pissed off customers and refunds.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but it will catch up. I recently bought another product that has done the reverse. It constantly surprises me with the value it provides and makes me all the stickier because of the good feeling and lack of hype and bs.

When you reward the customer with good new content and value, and show the customer continuing value you will have a customer for life.

Just food for thought.

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