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Google And Apple Fighting For Mobile Searching Supremacy

When it comes to the internet, there is nobody bigger then Google in terms of searching, tools, advertising, just about everything. While Google is already the dominant search engine for individuals searching from home, they are now in the process of trying to become the dominant search engine for mobile searching as well.

Social Media- Who are the Experts and What Do They Know

I follow Amber Naslund ‘s Blog Altitude Branding| Brand Elevation through Social Media:  and her recent post on Hiring for Social Media struck me: Hiring for Social Media: The Ugly Side from Altitude Branding | Brand Elevation through Social Media by Amber Naslund 1 person liked this Wow. A friend (thanks, Ron) sent me today his collection of… Read More »

Clickbank CPA Products-I.M. B.S.

I recently bought a Clickbank CPA product with one of its numerous upsells. When I opened the download and looked at what I was getting I sensed a serious disconnect with the promise in the sales letter and the product received. This product was promoted by a number of Clickbank affiliates in a similar way to other products… Read More »