PPC Management- Avoid Mistakes and Profit

By | February 26, 2010

PPC Management requires you to be on top of your game. When you make mistakes you may not achieve the conversion results and end up wasting money.

Here are some ideas to avoid the mistakes

1. Not doing good keyword research. Good keyword research using free tools like Wordtracker, Wordstream or Google’s own Keyword Tool will provide you the right words to target. See what successful and long standing advertisers are doing and emulate their keywords that should be in Line1,Line2, and Line 3 of the ads.

2. Having a slew of keywords,Organize your keywords into ad groups of one per keyword, with the three variations broad,phrase and exact. Have (2) separate ads in each grouping. This will give you the maximum granularity to discover the winners and improve your ads.

3. Lackluster Ads. Write compelling ads that are not about your business or product but about the exact item the searcher is looking for. For example:
{Pilgrim’s Pride Turkeys}
{ Pilgrims Have the Best Birds}
is an bad example where the ad
{Premium Turkey at Discount Prices}
{Succulent Turkey for Your Family}
{ premiumturkey.com }
would be better as it addresses the solution that the consumer is looking for.

4. Experiment with Variations of the Ad in each ad group with small changes. Perhaps add a? mark at the end of the First Line.

5. Deliver what you promise in the ad by matching it with the copy on the landing page you are sending it to. Make it easy for the consumer to buy from you by providing clear navigation. Do not send them to a general information page when they are looking for a specific item,. When you deliver what you promise your quality score should be optimal, improving your position and lowering your costs while you are meeting the searchers needs.

6. One Campaign for all. Split your campaigns into search campaigns and Content Network Campaigns. They behave differently and reach different targets. Maximize your effectiveness by crafting different messages for each network and testing the results.

7. No Negative Keywords.Use negative words to weed out and refine your campaign to buyers. For example in these examples the word Free, Chicken,Fowl,Pheasant,Recipes,Gravy, or the country of Turkey which might come up may qualify the buyers you want versus general interest.

8. Test,test and Test. Always be Testing your copy,offers, fonts,colors and positioning. Be aware of your conversion metrics. Free tools such as Adwords conversion testing or Google Analytics and Website Optimizer make it relatively easy to use.

These are just a few tips you can use to save you time, money, and give you the best bang for your Adwords dollars. Pay Per Click is a dynamic advertising tool so you cannot afford to stop learning in the world of Pay Per Click marketing.

Avoiding mistakes is the key to better PPC campaign management. I advise you to constantly be aware of your buyers view.and would invite you to continue learning cool tips and better techniques for your Adwords management tasks and constantly be learning about PPC Management Strategies to keep you at the top of your game.

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