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What’s Your Website Story Score? ComMetrics TriageHazard Score

Via – Local Search Marketing Ideas Summary On the average Web page or blog post, users may read about 20 percent. The first 10 seconds are critical. This score supports your efforts in keeping  readers longer.   Here is some very interesting work going on by my colleague Urs Gattiker in Switzerland who is working on algorithms… Read More »

Web Analytics World Free E-book

Web Analytics World is a blog run by Manoj Jasra in Calgary Alberta. Manoj is an excellent resource for internet marketers or anyone concerned about web analytics or the why and how of measurement on the net.I encourage you to see his various social media sites including his group page at For the second time he is… Read More »

Which Test Won? Testing to Increase Conversion

Testing to Improve Conversion- Yes Testing is one of the most important concepts that an internet marketer can learn. There is a very helpful site that I have found that is operated by Anne Holland, the founder of Marketing Sherpa. Anne and Natalie Myers provide a weekly test to test your skills on testing and judgement of various… Read More »