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Power Friending is reviewed by ReadItforme Channel on You Tube:Business Book Summaries

“To find more out about these Business Book Summaries and ReadItFor.Me Channel go to: Polar Unlimited and visit Steve Cunningham.
If you like this idea check out this great offer they have for ReadItFor Me Pro

I came across the above video in my daily scans. It is a book trailer on You Tube Channel by ReadItFor.Me, a digital review and book summary site by the Burlington based digital media agency Polar Unlimited for my friend AmberMac and her new book Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business

These guys are specialists at Digital marketing and it shows and is instructive to all you internet marketers and authors out there . So why do I think that ? Let’s look at it above, then on their site

1. I can have all my senses stimulated at the same time by watching the cute You Tube Video show in that I see it, I hear the music and the visuals are captivating almost as obviously as Amber Mac and the book.

2. It tells me the story of the book in a scintillating way that is not commercial but very entertaining.

3. It then makes me curious about who has made this and lures me to find out who these characters are. I know Amber Mac and this fantastic book very well. I want to know more about Readitforme and Polar Unlimited

4 When I get to their site it is very well laid out and appealling and the ReadItFor.Me idea is upon the navigation bar.

Polar Unlimited

5. I then look on the right hand side and I am being offered two things of value. The first that catches my eye is a free digital health check, the second is an extension of what drew me in and that is a Free offer for a ReadItFor.Me Pro subscription which has a description of what I will get . Imagine the simplest “Vayniac”* not finding the summary on Crush It! not valuable.

6. I see the Business Summaries slow pitched a little differently right below. I am enticed further into their web by inviting me to subscribe with my email and get on their list, so I can benefit from further conversations about cool topics by interesting guys and gain a chance to win something like a book from one if these authors. They now will talk to me weekly about new books and ideas

7. I see massive social proof in the form of Client Lists and Portfolios. I also see exclusivity in their speaking engagements as they appear only for C-Suite types.

8. I am reinforced more in that they also offer webinars on a regular basis where I can probably get to know them like them and trust them more. I have been given three opportunities three different ways to engage in addition to the Videos.

And on their main page their depth of knowledge, a team with young and older folks, is demonstrated by their own promo video.

These guys have a crystal clear understanding of the conversations that you need to engage in with your customers, your viewers and your market and do so in a digital form.

Are you using these kinds of tools and tactics on your website ?

Are people lured in and fascinated? Ask yourself if you have mastered the 8 items above. Are you capturing visitors and getting them on your list with an opt-in form. Are you using your autoresponder to continue the conversation. I use Aweber as my autoresponder due to their excellent deliverability rates and statistical capabilities. They have excellent customer service and training.

Are you offering an ethical bribe to encourage subscribers to engage with you? Are you using video on your site to have the conversations that will build your relationships? If you are not you are missing some valuable opportunities.

Are you using free web “what” analytics tools to measure activity on your site? Are you capturing the “why” analytics that give you the the Primary Purpose of Visit, The Task Completion rate, and the Voice of the Customer ?

I welcome your comments. Come back and visit and I will outline these steps for you in greater detail here on the blog.

* Vaniac: A devotee to the Crush It! author, and internet cyber-Wine Guy Gary Vaynerchuk.

By Robert Metras

Rob is an experienced internet marketer and author. He helps businesses, professionals and organizations to raise their online visibility in local search and get more from their promotions and advertising and free use of search engine products.

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