Keywords Matter

By | June 22, 2010

The first thing you should learn, and study intently is Keyword Research if you wish to achieve any recurring results in internet marketing.

Keywords are the underpinning and keys to the kingdom in terms of being found on the internet as a marketer selling your own product or as someone who is doing affiliate marketing. All search engines work based on keywords and produce your serps or search engine results as illustrated below:

Keywords Matter

Keywords Matter-Bing

I don’t care what your website is,if it doesn’t get the traffic it needs it is not going to succeed. The most reliable,consistent,profitable,high volume sources of traffic comes from search engines.

One of the most important things besides finding keywords that are appropriate, is to think about them in the context of your activity. So if you were selling a product or service or solution you would want to make sure that your keywords are those that bring in buyers or show some commercial intention.

You also want to ensure that they also are attracting traffic to them and that the traffic that they attract is the right kind of traffic for your activity. In doing this you can easily avoid those keywords that will not attract traffic.

Ensuring the keywords you choose have a low level of competition for them improves your chances of a front page listing on them and front page listings are very important.

There are a number of free tools out there to do keyword research. Google has a free Keyword Tool, the Google Wonder Wheel for lateral suggestions, WordTracker is used widely and the newer entrant WordStream. Some of these also have variants of their tools for ppc and seo purposes as well as combined. There are other free tools available besides these three. In the realm of paid tools some of the popular tools include Matt Callen’s Keyword Elite, now in Windows and Mac Versions, Keyword Spy, SpyFu and many others.

I have used all of these tools above and have found they work very well They all take a small learning curve and once that is finished you ar on your way. The tool I use the most for Keyword Research is Market Samurai. I use it because it has a very intuitive user interface , runs very fast under AdobeAir 2.0 framework , and helps me find the “golden nugget” keywords that send a great deal of traffic to my sites, that are buyers versus viewers. It also gives me the ability to get front page listings for high traffic keywords in a shorter period of time.

The second reason I use it is the considerable amount of training videos that they have available at no charge on YouTube as well as in Itunes formats for download. Dr Anthony Fernando and his team of other Dojos do an excellent service for both the newcomer or the advanced user. Market Samurai has many other functions besides keyword research. Keep your eyes on the blog for more of Market Samurai’s capabilities.

Have a look at Ed Dale’s 30Day Challenge Introduction to Keyword Research below to discover why you might want to get your Free Trial copy of Market Samurai

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