Samurai’s,Dojos and a tubby Australian underachiever.

By | June 19, 2010

Wow that is an unusual title for a blog post. It came to me based on some folklore in the Internet Marketing world and some of the best tools I have used since I came online.

There are few underachieving nerd tubby guys from Australia out there that have the excellent reputation that one gentleman, who alternatively has been called a tubby nerd and describes himself as a country guy from Beechworth in the Australian state of Victoria. That fellow is a long time veteran trainer in the internet marketing community named Ed Dale.

Ed is a friendly chap who is the master of self-deprecating humour, and was the founder of an Internet Marketing Training Program for new marketers called the Thirty Day Challenge. (30DC) He is also one of the collaborators with the perpetually good looking and cool surfer dude from San Diego,Frank Kern.

Ed has brought the free line forward in making sure newbies( new participants) get excellent grounding and free education and do not get fleeced by scam artists. He is a gentleman of the first order and a fellow who shares freely his vast experience in order to change the lives of many others.

I got to know the 30 Day Challenge and the training in it and discovered more Australians, not Americans, or Canadians. They were led by Brent Hodgson, Eugene Ware, Dr. Anthony Fernando and Ben Stickland of Noble Samurai, the makers of the market research powerhouse tool Market Samurai. It is provided free of charge to 30DC participants and then you may purchase a copy. I bought it without a minutes hesitation and have used it almost daily in my work with clients and my own sites. It is cross platform tool, operates using the Adobe Air Framework and is constantly being improved and refined at no charge to the users. It is available to the public at large also and I encourage you to get a Free Trial at Market Samurai You also will get access to a whole slew of videos and training by the Samurai Dojos or trainers on how to make the most effective use of the various components of Market Samurai quickly.

The Thirty Day Challenge starts with Ed talking about his Magnificent Symphony Of Four Parts, which is broken down into market research, traffic, conversion, and product. In my next few posts I want to tell you about Market Samurai and the power it possesses in identifying , analysing and monetizing business opportunities for marketers.

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