FTC Rules for Marketers Made Easy

By | November 24, 2009

FTC Advertising Rules for Affiliate marketers and for Testimonials are being strengthened . One of the internet marketing world long term veterans Jim Edwards was wise enough to do an interview with Richard Cleland of the Federal Trade Commission. He has posted that on his blog, www.Igottatellyou.com

FTC Regulations on Advertising

FTC Regulations on Advertising

Jim has posted the webinar of the video which you can find here:

FTC-Change-Interview Webinar With Jim Edwards and Richard Cleland of the Federal Trade Commission

If you want more on this issue go and visit the webinar now and watch this excellent video webinar and read Jim’s blog post. Jim “The Webinar King” has done a great service to all affiliates and internet marketers out there.

Don’t forget to join his list also , he provides superb content and MUCH, MUCH, MORE.

He also included some extra links:




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