PPC Loophole Speed PPC V4 New Features & Benefits

PPC Loophole-Speed PPC V4
PPC Loophole-Speed PPC V4

SpeedPPC V4 brings with it lots of new cutting edge features that will lift the game for those who use it. It is the upgrade to Speed PPC V3 which we have reviewed on this blog before.

These advancements include:

* All the new features mean a shiny new interface, with customizable toolbars and improved data entry fields making it faster and easier to enter your campaign information.
* Work efficiently following a streamlined workflow – through the logically ordered tabs dedicated to each step of the campaign process.
* Manage your campaigns better with the Campaign Explorer, a Windows Explorer-type window that allows you to create, delete, refresh and rename campaign shortcuts and folders to arrange your campaigns in. Create a folder of campaign shortcuts per affiliate program or client.
* Never lose a campaign by accident with our new automatic “save on close” feature
* Save time exporting your SpeedPPC campaigns and set your output to automatically export after building
* Organize your files more efficiently by setting your default file paths that you like to save your keyword lists, ads or campaigns in. Store them all in one folder or save them separately, eg. Expansion lists in one folder, campaigns in another.
* Lots of interface improvements to allow for better workflow and ease of use.

Campaign Building

* Completely rewritten campaign building allows for 300% faster build times.
* Find more customers that are ready to buy by generating even more long tail search terms, combining up to 4 keywords lists. Building on the version 3.0 single and dual core campaign types, you’ll now see “Multi Core” campaigns allowing you to add up to 3 expansion lists that can be mixed with your main seed keywords (4 total keyword lists).
* Target domain-based search queries with added flexibility to the Domain campaign type, giving you the option to set the country codes (eg. Co.uk) and top-level domains that you want to include (eg. .org, .net).
* Enter your seed keywords as normal, with a more streamlined menu to save, clean and delete keywords.
* Decide on the long tail search terms you want to build through the dedicated expansion keyword library (in addition to your expansion keyword viewing box). Enter 1-3 expansion keyword lists and order them for mixing with your seed keyword list in any combination.
* Keyword mixing capabilities have been expanded, enabling you to mix keywords in list order and every variation. Don’t Mix Pair now allows for an additional expansion list that you can reference with SpeedPPC tokens for greater targeting ability. An additional mix type has been added called “Mix & Pair” allowing you to mix 2 keyword lists, while matching with another list to get the best of both worlds.
* Cut your campaign costs by adding negative keywords through the dedicated negative keywords output for Google AdWords, with the ability to specify negative match types.
* Improve the quality of your traffic by using the dedicated negative keyword match types with campaign and ad group level options (AdWords Editor only).
* In addition to the traditional MSN bid fields, MSN adCenter Desktop now has a dedicated section for keyword bids to match the new dedicated output file.
* A dedicated output has now been added for Content Network campaigns, based on both keywords and image ads.
* Custom output fields have been consolidated on the bids tab so they can be easily referenced in the one place. Simply choose your custom search engine, then enter your bids, etc.
* Dedicated functionality for Content Network advertisers, giving you the power to create ad groups intuitively on keyword themes and target ads at each themed ad group.
* Enjoy more flexibility in your ad group creation with expanded grouping choices including:
* Creating ad groups based on 1-3 expansion lists
* Segmenting ad groups based on keyword themes. Just feed in a list of keywords and it will instantly auto-theme them for you.
* Create multiple keyword ad groups, under the same campaign
* Get a visual on all your auto-generated ad groups with the new Ad Group Builder, allowing you to view all the targeted ad groups created and the keywords in each.
* Make quick re-arrangements using the “drag and drop” feature to drag keywords from one ad group and drop them into other ad groups.
* Quick options to add and remove ad groups from the Ad Group viewing window.
* Easily change your ad grouping and re-build your ad groups at the press of a button.

Image Ads

* Expand your reach on the Content Network with SpeedPPC’s brand new Image Ad feature
* Save time setting up your text ads by storing and retrieving complete sets of ads under both Standard and Advanced Ad builders
* The URL separator for your ads has been handily relocated to the standard ads tab, so you can control how the keywords in your ad URLs are best displayed for maximum click throughs
* Need a fresh slate? Start from fresh and clear all your ads with the click of a button.

Landing Pages and URLs

* Improve your tracking by building unique keyword URLs in the new dedicated landing page tab
* Click a button and SpeedPPC will check your URL is valid, so there are no nasty surprises after you launch your campaign.
* Improve your quality score and let SpeedPPC check your landing page for keyword relevancy before launching your campaigns.
* Improved landing page software to allow for updating existing databases by adding new records, deleting old records, or completely overwriting.

Dynamic Insertion Tokens

* We’ve added new token functionality to SpeedPPC’s unique set of dynamic insertion variables:
* Insert more relevant keywords into your ads and landing pages with additional tokens {expansion2} and {expansion3} for multiple expansion lists.
* Tracking ID tokens can be set uniquely for each match type of a keyword – track your keywords plus the match types that are performing best.
* Set two new tracking ID tokens to generate uniquely for each ad and/or ad group for even more tracking capability.

Improved Outputs

* A new dedicated output tab has now been set aside for faster uploading into Bing/MSN using the free adCenter Desktop tool.
* Quickly check your Google AdWords output prior to importing into AdWords Editor, with new headings for easy reference on each data field.
* 2 new dedicated outputs have been added for Google AdWords, streamlining your ability to upload image ad campaigns on the Content Network.
* Get a headstart on your own dynamic landing page template with an output added for simple landing page code. Use the quick copy function to insert the exact codes to dynamically generate the triggered keywords into your landing page content.
* Use the new Output toolbar to quickly build your campaigns, export multiple search engine files at once (in Excel and CSV), and open the output folder to view all your output files at once.

Speed PPC V4
Speed PPC V4

Discover also the new WordPress Plugin to allow for dynamic linking using the Speed PPC patent pending tokens.

By Robert Metras

Rob is an experienced internet marketer and author. He helps businesses, professionals and organizations to raise their online visibility in local search and get more from their promotions and advertising and free use of search engine products.

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