Frank Kern Has Not Gone Nuts- He Does Have a Suit

By | July 16, 2009

Every now again you get the real feel for the marketing community when you run across people who have done well by the market and want to give back. Frank Kern is one of those guys

Frank Kern, Rob Metras

Frank Kern, Rob Metras

At the Big Seminar in Atlanta Frank spoke and offered his Mass Control Product from the back of the room. All of Frank’s proceeds were donated to a charity in San Diego/La Jolla. This is a guy who gives back, and doesn’t crow too much about it. Like any marketer Frank cannot fail to make a pitch no matter how sophisticated it is.

In this case he is back at it again. This time he has a post on his MassControl Site Mass Control: Strange Phone Call- Need Your Help

He is raising money this time for the Clinton Foundation and I quote from the post:” See, the purpose of the dinner is to raise money for the Clinton Foundation, which helps with AIDS research, education, and other humanitarian things.

I made a personal donation today and I figured it would be cool to raise even more money by making a special offer and donating 100% of the proceeds to the foundation.

Keep in mind, this isn’t about politics –

it’s about helping others.

(I can’t stand politics and have no interest in discussing “political topics”).

With that said, here’s how I’d like to work together to help other people:

1. First, this is limited to FIFTY PEOPLE ONLY

2. You get Mass Control 2.0 (which is currently off the market).

3. You get the recordings of the 2008 SOLD OUT Mass Control *Live* Workshop.

4. You get the recordings of the SOLD OUT 2009 Mass Control *Live* Workshop, complete with the Evil Dr. Mike attack and Brittney Spears impersonator footage.

5. Every penny of your purchase goes to the Clinton Foundation which helps support AIDS research, helps support solutions to climate change, education, and others. (You’re essentially helping others today, which is always a cool thing to do.)

6. Everyone who takes advantage of this gets access to a private one-on-one phone consultation with me.

To take advantage of the offer, go here: MassControl Deal

If you are used to him, it would come as no surprise to sum it up like this” Buy My Sh*t

This time if you do, and it is certainly valuable, you will be helping others while helping yourself. Not a bad deal !

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