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Samurai’s,Dojos and a tubby Australian underachiever.

Wow that is an unusual title for a blog post. It came to me based on some folklore in the Internet Marketing world and some of the best tools I have used since I came online. There are few underachieving nerd tubby guys from Australia out there that have the excellent reputation that one gentleman, who alternatively has… Read More »

Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, John Reese Must See Video

Anthony Robbins via last.fm Take action , visualize the result, achieve it, reinforce it, do it againtake masive action, do it again, get better results. Please go visit this video with Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, and John Reese. It is a valuable lesson that will assist you if you wish to achieve the success you are meant to… Read More »

Frank Kern Has Not Gone Nuts- He Does Have a Suit

Every now again you get the real feel for the marketing community when you run across people who have done well by the market and want to give back. Frank Kern is one of those guys At the Big Seminar in Atlanta Frank spoke and offered his Mass Control Product from the back of the room. All of… Read More »

Secret Affiliate Code 2- Review of Craig Beckta’s Latest SAC

I have just finished reading the Main Secret Affiliate Code 2 Manual which is 121 pages in length,crammed full of useful and actionable information. This also comes with 6 other Mini Guides and several interviews with internet success stories like Alex Goad. Craig also provides access to several videos that help the reader with specific topics. Like his… Read More »