Weekend Marketer with Connie Ragen Green

By | August 26, 2013

Make Money Online in Internet Marketing with a great teacher


Is the online life for you? The Weekend Marketer: Say Goodbye to the ‘9 to 5’, Build an Online Business, and Live the Life You Love is a complete program on how you can change your life completely by leaving your job behind and coming online to become an entrepreneur.

Connie Ragen Green got her start as a Weekend Marketer in 2005, and by the summer of 2006 she had become a full-time online entrepreneur. She is now an international speaker, information product creator, and online marketing strategist, helping people on six continents to create a lifestyle very different from what they had previously lived.


weekend marketer

Step-by-Step Training from Connie Ragen Green

The  take you step by step through the process of making the decision to pursue an online business, laying the foundation, and getting started on the right foot with your sites, digital products and services, and sharing your knowledge with others.

Here is my review from Amazon of Weekend Marketer

Connie is just one of these gems that is a great teacher and gives good advice,simple examples,and provides you a path through her 5 pronged approach to making money online. She is a consummate giver and still does open calls weekly for her students,mentees and prospective students. This is just one of many titles I have read and used by Connie Ragen Green. I encourage you to get in her circle of influence, you will profit from it an learn from a marketer that is very,very picky and careful of the ideas and products she promotes to her people.


Here’s a little video sample of the Weekend Marketer style ┬áby Connie.


You can find other work on Internet marketing by Connie on the Kindle as well as in the Amazon book store. Here are a few of her other titles:
Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs: How To Manage Your Time To Increase Your Bottom Line

Huge Profits With Affiliate Marketing: How To Build An Online Empire By Recommending What You Love

Living The Internet Lifestyle: Quit Your Job, Become an Entrepreneur, and Live Your Ideal Life

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