Millionaire Within E Brian Rose

The Millionaire Within -Untold Stories from the Internet Underworld

Millionaire Within is a great business book, not for the detailed business secrets and tactics but for the style,courage, and character of the author. Truly a character with the right kind of values for life E Brian Rose gives you the best of his experiences good,bad and ugly and downright entertaining. He also reveals the very human side of a smart,kind and innovative entrepreneur.

Business is usually a learning experience, if done right and the masterful storytelling allows you to learn while listening. It is little wonder that he is a popular speaker and can teach us all a little about self-promotion. Maybe he can let you in on being the local Chamber of Commerce’s business award winner.

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Who is E Brian Rose ?

Millionaire Within Author
E Brian Rose

E. Brian Rose is an expert in the art of self promotion. He is the founder of, one of the world’s largest affiliate networks, and teaches thousands of students how to grow an online following. Rose has authored two books, Millionaire Within and the soon to be released, Expert Fame.

By Robert Metras

Rob is an experienced internet marketer and author. He helps businesses, professionals and organizations to raise their online visibility in local search and get more from their promotions and advertising and free use of search engine products.

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