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Is WordPress a good system to use for an affiliate marketing website?

Posted by Cesaria Barbarossa – 40K
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Definitely. I am an internet marketer/SEO consultant/Web Designer myself and I use WordPress for pretty much everything apart from e-commerce websites and website that require a lot of bespoke coding.

I think there are 3 main reasons for WordPress being so popular:

1. It is extremely SEO friendly 'out-of-the-box'.
2. If you want WordPres to do something it doesn't already then there is probably a plugin to add that functionality.
3. The sheer amount of themes. Anything from the thousands of good quality free themes to websites like Http:// which sell premium themes that make it look like you've had a $5000 website made for you.

SEO-friendly CMS system for website?

Does anyone know what good CMS to use that is SEO-friendly? By friendly, I mean is it able to push your site to the top of the search rankings when you type in a particular keyword? So far WordPress is the best I've used. My wordpress site got into 1st place in the search rankings when I looked up "Blackshot fansites" in google.

I have 3 other sites I'm managing and I want to merge them together into a network so I am wanting to know what CMS is really good with SEO-related stuff. Is Joomla any good by any chance?

Posted by shortpc89
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I personally suggest WordPress as a CMS solution! Most people that use CMS are not too familiar with coding websites themselves so it's the best solution for that as well. WordPress is by far the largest CMS out of any of the competitors and has a huge resource of SEO plugins which can help optimize your site without having to manage them.

Here is a good post that I refer my clients too that need to use WordPress as their CMS as well as are looking for the proper plug-ins to really get the edge with WordPress.


Remember though, that plugins aren't the answer to a successful SEO campaign. It's understanding things like Keyword selection, keyword density, proper usage of Keywords in titles, syntax markups, and correctly written URL's.

I need some help on internet marketing?

I need some help from internet marketing. I know I need to create a website for sell my own product, but how can I do it.. What goes hosting means? If I create a website from wordpress how to I get it live, so it can be found on the website? What does plugin means?

Oh yes, I have to buy a domain name… So where do I go from there?

Sorry, I know it may sound simple..but I'm new and have not a single knowledge on internet marketing.

Posted by Chris
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Ok – here is situation.

Hosting is server where you upload files so everyone on the internet can see them. Plugin is extension to the WordPress that can extend WP to do lot of things didn't exist on standard WP. Yes – WP is ok now for site.

Domain name can be purchased from GoDaddy or NameCheap.

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The Future of Online Digital Marketing 2012 -2015

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