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Whats the best internet marketing for small business?

I work for a company that sells NFL products. I advertise their product 15% less then what they sell for and i get 25% commission of the retail price. So more i advertise the flyers the more money i make. Any suggestions for advertising my flyers so i can make more money 🙂

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Dear Friend,

If you're like me you are on complete information overload. With today's technology, there are many ways to market your business. There is something new every day. LinkedIn, Squidoo, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Articles, Blogging, Email Marketing, and the list goes on and on.

How do you keep up?

Seems impossible doesn't it? Well I am happy to say I have found the solution. The company is called '123Employee' and they offer full time and part time dedicated virtual assistants from their U.S. Run facilities overseas. You can get full time employees for nearly $5 an hour. Part time packages start as low as $297 per month.

But that's not all, '123Employee' has pre-trained people for web design and internet marketing. So the things that you may not know how to do like Squidoo Lenses, Blog Posting, Article Writing, etc., they can do it… This equals leads and sales for your business!

Here's the best part, you don't pay a penny until you hire your first employee. That's right, the folks at '123Employee' will not charge you anything until you actually hire someone. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Check them out here Http://… and receive your free copy of 'Outsource This!' your guide to global outsourcing.

Talk to you soon,


Seo Internet marketing?

Do you know a real good seo company.

I know that tradimax are great Http://

do you know others?

Posted by James
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What niche are you in?

If it's highly competitive, you will need a SEO Company that specializes in delivering top results by using a variety of techniques to gain your web site "Aunthoirty".

Google is only recognizing web sites that have "Auhtority".

To achieve this "Authority" you will need to develop tons of good content, continue to change it on a regualr basis.

Create hundreds of one-way in-bound links pointing to your web site. Be sure to get "Authority" sites to link to you, qulaity does matter, but quantity can be best if you have enough links pointing to you.

Use Web 2.0 to make your web site more visible. Google loves Web 2.0 and haa given "Authority" to these types of web sites, such as video, social networking web sites (You Tube, My Space, Facebook, etc), blogging and social bookmarking web sites (, Furl, Stumbleupon, Digg, etc). Google loves new cutting edge technology and they love video and social networking web sites. Google gives these web sites tremendous "Authority". If there are links from your content to your web site from these "Auhtority" web sites, they will help you rise in the search eninge rankings.

If you need a professional to help you with your SEO, go to Http://… for SEO for business websites and sign up now. I have arranged with the best people in the SEO business to offer a free SEO evaluation and consultation (normally valued at $999.00) for my subscribers to my The Fishbowl – Internet Marketing Tips Newsletter. If you are already a subscriber, you will be receiving an email with the link to the contact information for the free consultation. If you aren’t a subscriber, sign up now to get the free evaluation and consultation.

Sign up here — Http://…

To living your dreams,

Chuck Yockey.

Is Facebook a right platform for internet marketing?

I wanted to know, How can I promote Products and services.So that I can present my Services to the big User group of FaceBook. If anybody have any idea, please help me with your valuable suggestion.Thanks.

Posted by anon
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Yeap! FACEBOOK is an excellent platform for internet marketing..If you are planning to promote your business on facebook it's a better idea ! You should 've only a complete and detailed business profile on Facebook to make your business profitable or marketable. Remember that you should Just make your Facebook a venue for all of your customers to get to know more about your services and redirect them to you….facebook bind the large community in one thread…its easy and better way to expand your post, articles, and details about your could do this yourself or may hire any online marketing service provider such as who offer same in a right way …just try them and market your business easily so Enjoy!! Good luck.

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Social Media Marketing – LinkedIn Training – TTM Communicatie

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