Deliver What You Promise: Avoid Bait and Switch

By | February 20, 2010

I received an email solicitation in my email box this morning to subscribe to a new Internet Marketing Product.. I am always eager to see new pitches to learn from them; the good ,the bad and the ugly.

This one got my attention because I received the email from someone I knew. It was a Clickbank product with a guarantee attached to it.

It made a promise for something free. It was marked down in price, a marketing tactic from marketers to induce buyers to think they were getting a deal. I bought at the 49.95 price after the usual scarcity ploys and time limited reduced price offer. After getting to the product download page from the CB payment page. I enrolled in the membership, providing my email and confirmed the link.

The free something was there, but it was a garbage piece of PLR and several One Time Offer Upsells. The upsells guaranteed additional units. They too were not so useful PLR. After three attempted upsells to more crap I was fed up and asked for a refund through Clickbank to exercise my guarantee. They had captured my email in their squeeze but had thoroughly annoyed me with their tactics. I would not be in their value chain, as no doubt many others would not be.

Why, because they failed to deliver on their promise in their sales letter. In fact they delivered such crap that I would not consider buying again from this marketer.

As PT Barnum said ‘There is a sucker born every minute”. More like caveat emptor in “shame me once.Im the fool; shame me twice..I am not so nice.

Avoid doing this to your customers and you will live long and prosper.

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3 thoughts on “Deliver What You Promise: Avoid Bait and Switch

  1. Gwen Tanner

    You gotta love Clickbank and their 8 week money back guarantee! I just somehow feel more comfortable buying from a CB merchant just for that reason. I saw you were enrolled in Connie’s workshop along with me so I wanted to stop by your blog and say hello!

  2. Pamela S. Wynn

    I find bait & switch very annoying, but I really hate being sold low quality crap. That’s why I take advantage of free preview classes and samples before I’m willing to pay for something online.


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