Connie Ragen Green on Relationship Marketing

By | September 1, 2010

Connie Ragen Green’s  Book Sales Soar

My friend Connie Ragen Green has just released her new book on Amazon today and it is already on the first day reached the #702 position in the Amazon Best Selling List as I write this post.


Connie Ragen Green The Teacher


Connie is a very gifted teacher, who possesses an infinite amount of patience as she helps her students develop profitable businesses online.

The book Huge Profits With A Tiny List: 50 Ways To Use Relationship Marketing To Increase Your Bottom Line will assist readers with their blogging, online marketing,and internet marketing and will show them how to use relationship marketing to allow them to build lists of buyers. I know as I have attended courses with her and taken them from her. A community-oriented Rotarian from Santa Clarita, California Connie Ragen Green gives back to her community and works on projects on a regular basis and has an extended fan club of her students on all continents of the globe.

Connie Ragen Green Blog

Connie is very active on her blog Building Your Online Empire

Connie Ragen Green

You may also discover that Connie is also one of the most prolific article writers at Ezine Articles. Already she has produced over 1500 articles with over 500,000 views. You can find her on Ezine Articles where she has written articles on a number of topics.


You may be interested in the variety of courses Connie Ragen Green offers on internet marketing.

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