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By | August 20, 2012

Online Visibility through Video Syndication

Online Visibility really matters online .One of the easiest and most effective ways to get more traffic and visibility is to post videos online and syndicate them around the web on various video sharing sites like You Tube,Daily Motion and Metacafe as well as Vimeo and other sites like The syndication should also extend to the social properties such as Facebook,Twitter and the new kid on the block Pinterest.

I recently attended one of the many challenges that Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams from KeepItRealMedia have sponsored as an educational course. They stress the importance of quality content, distributed and made widely available through syndication. Their strategy dovetails into another concept they teach called TheMetFormula which makes you plan a strategy before any campaign. Is it for Money, Exposure or Traffic? One chosen the path to online visibility can be accomplished in a number of ways online.

Video Visibilty by Syndication by f601276040

Ultimate Video Challenge Aids Online Visibility

This same YouTube Video with different tagging is also on my You Tube Channel as well as on this blog. It also has been placed on my facebook, twitter and Pinterest pages and linked back. This exposure was all taught in The Ultimate Video Challenge, a first rate affordable course sponsored by the folks at KeepIt Real Media. The primary instructors are two brilliant,funny, totally engaging and seductive women Tina Williams and Maria Gudelis supported ably by Trish Gillam.

online visibility

You can find the course at ,or click on the picture above, and their other endeavours at KeepItRealMedia .

online visibility

This is part of a string of training programs by these gals. They have done the Ultimate Social Challenge, The Ultimate Facebook Challenge, The Ultimate Mobile Challenge and also operate a Social Media Certification program. Their crown jewel is their coaching programs which can take you from O to 100 quickly and confidently.

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