Why Attend Seminars- The Reason WHY

By | January 23, 2010

One of the best ways for people who are interested in improving their skills in any area of interest is attending continuing education events.

If you are a dentist or a doctor or a chiropractor you are used to regularily attending c.e. events to update your skills which update you and your professional educational education. Some visit for keeping their professional licensing intact.

As business people it is the same philosophy that can do wonders for us. In internet marketing this education is a valuable constructive activity. You have two great benefits .

You will learn new methods of marketing, how,when and what technology to use and strategies that will grow your business.
Above all you will be in the company of other successful people that have travelled the same route as you, have similar goals and can share their successes and failures with you.

Coming out from behind the keyboard is valuable as you can grow your list of friends who share a similar philosophy, and meet others who you can then share ideas with after you leave the conference or seminar. You will also be able to make contacts to do business or Joint Venture .
But what if you are tight for time , can’t get the travel time to work or have family obligations. You can still be there in spirit by purchasing the videos or recordings and seminar materials from the organisers of the event.

Online Revenue Workshop

As I write this I am attending the Online Revenue Workshop in Las Vegas. This event featured Dr Jeanette Cates, Connie Ragen Green, Lisa Suttora and Suzan Schmitt are discussing technology,marketing, product development and entreprenurial mindset. I have picked up many new ideas and made several new contacts.

You can find ideas and improve your continuing education and business also at the Continuing Education Works like I have. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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