FortinPress- Your Personal WordPress Expert

By | March 17, 2012

FortinPress as Your Own WordPress Expert

Fortin Press is Michel Fortin’s Word Press Training Webinar Masterpiece.

WordPress is quickly becoming one of the easiest and most diverse tools to put content up on the Web. I speak of the the implementation that you host on your own domain as contrasted to the which WP hosts on their site.

WordPress is free and available to download at The current version as Version 3.3.1. One of the most knowledgeable teachers and users in the internet marketing world of WordPress is Michel Fortin. Michel is a celebrated copywriter and is one of the top in the business which incudes writers like John Carlton,Ray Edwards, Gary Bencivenga, Bob Bly,Clayton Makepeace, and the late great Gary Halbert.

Fortin Press is Michel’s latest training offering and one that I believe will help people master WordPress both technically but more importantly drive traffic,conversion and sales.


Michel Fortins FortinPress WordPress Webinar Training Masterpiece

Why FortinPress WordPress Training

WordPress Training with Michel will cover a variety of ideas to get the best possible results for you. It includes Topics like Themes, Templates, Plugins, Tools, and Design Enhancements as well as valuable Tweaks

The course will include six webinar sessions ,with their recordings and transcripts in a member’s area which you can use at your leisure, during the course and following the live webinar sessions. The live webinar sessions will give you answers to your questions as you learn.

This is not a basic WordPress training but neither is it uber-geeky for the nerdy crowd.


FortinPress WordPress Training

Fortin Press Secret Settings

Here are some highlights:

Michel’s top essential and “nice-to-have” plugins, their purpose, and their best application.
You will dive into the proper settings for admin, SEO, security, layout, usability, social, and multimedia.

fortin press

Theme Hacks

Michel will discuss how to work with themes, how to customize them, and how to hack them a lot more efficiently.

Modified Templates

He dives into templates, taxonomies, custom post types, and how to create them and apply them.

Custom Styles

Learn how to fully personalize the look-and-feel of your site using easy CSS and few slick tricks.

Graphic Enhancements

Discover some graphic design tips and some of the tools Michel uses , without the need for photoshop!

Fortin Press Tweaks and Tips

Shortcut Tweaks

Michel reveals copy-and-paste-simple snippets of code for all his many sites that you must have to boost speed and more.

Online Tools

One of the best parts to this course is the number of quick-and-dirty online tools and resources, many of them are 100% free and include personal examples of how Michel uses them for emphasis,conversion optimization.

To get access to this superior training just click below:

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