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By | August 16, 2010

Recorded Moments are Top Flight

Recorded Moments is a family owned business that provides for real-time recording and transcription of Seminar events. I have seen Kay and her sons at a number of events in my attendance at seminars and workshops.

Why Recorded Moments ?

Realiability, professionalism and a track record of delivering superb service to marketers across the US is what Kay Mitchell of Recorded Moments is known for by many who know and use her services. While they appear at seminars and live events they also have a thriving business in transcriptions for webinars and teleseminars. I first discovered Recorded Moments as a student when she was assisting Alex Mandossian on his well-know program Teleseminar Secrets which has been running successfully for the last few years.

Recorded Moments

If you are thinking of offering a seminar or live event you will be able to repurpose all your audio content into a variety of different products such as transcripts, audio based DVD’s and CD’s. My previous post on transcription also discussed pure transcription from audio files also for this purpose.

Questions about Recorded Moments

As a business owner you may have questions about Recorded Moments services, and they are happy to answer them. As Kay writes below.

“”What Are Some Examples of Business Owners Who Can Benefit From Your Service?”
Answer: we have a wide range of clients – from Internet Marketers, Doctors, Realtor Investors, Interior Designers, Podcasters, Surveyors , Copywriters, Homeschoolers, Authors, Golf Instructors, Stock Market Trainers, plus many more from all walks of life. We have clients in their teens to over 90 years old!

“I’m Not In the United States; Can You Help Me?”

Answer: Yes! Location is not an issue. We record calls all over the world – we have clients in England, New Zealand, and other locations along with the United States and Canada.

“Do You Provide The Bridge Telephone Line?”

Answer: Yes, we do offer a bridge line service, or we can work with your existing bridge line.

“What Is the Difference Between Basic Edit And Fine Edit?”

Answer: Basic Audio Editing: This service adjusts the individual volumes of speakers if needed, and adds intro & exit music to the beginning and end (tip & tail) of the message (if desired). We can also add 5 minute tracks to CDs in .WAV format or break up the call into MP3 chunks for easier listening.

Fine / Intensive Audio Editing: This service includes all of the Basic Audio Editing services. We also listen to the whole message to take out the ah’s, um’s, other speech mannerisms, coughs…etc. that are bothersome as well as remove or rearrange many areas with technical problems or noises. This allows the message to flow smoothly and be presented more professionally.

“Do You Offer Playback Services?”

Answer: Yes, Recorded Moments does provide playback services. If we have not previously recorded the audio for you, you would send us the pre-recorded audio via a service like, as a download link, or you can upload it directly to our server (we would give you your own personal ftp info. to upload it to). We would need to know the dates and times you would like us to replay the recording and your bridge line info.

“What Are Your Turnaround Times?”

Answer: Our turnaround time for an unedited recording is 24 hours.

We also offer a rush upload service for those clients that require faster turnaround times.

Our turnaround time for a Basic Edit is 48 hours, and we also offer a rush Basic Edit. A Fine Edit has a 5 business day turnaround time, with Rush options of 36 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.”

One thing I am sure of marketers like Alex Mandossian, Mark Victor Hansen, Ray Edwards and Armand Morin use her services and are very satisfied. Kay and one of her six boys are always on hand and ready for anything so you need not worry about the technical stuff, and concentrate on your presentation and education.

I am sure if you have any questions about this valuable service you can contact Kay at Recorded Moments

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