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By | August 26, 2010

Analytics- Can You Measure It ?

I was taught by Alex Mandossian and several other top marketers that if you could not measure your results and actions you could never tell where you were and if anyone cared.

That is pretty sage advice for internet marketers who should seek continuous improvement by seeing what actually happened, and the details of who came,how long did they stay,what did they do,where did they leave from and if possible why. The answer to these questions comes from analytics.

Analytics Tools

Gabriel Chu and CK Wong of 80/20 Media have produced a course called Fastrack Analytics. Both of these chaps are Google Certified Analytics Individuals and have MBA’s and a wealth of experience working in the field for their own products and services and for clients. They not only teach but they do it.

Analytics Training Review


They have launched an analytics training product today and are selling it on the site for the princely sum of USD 27.00.- One Time Payment-No continuity I bought it and find it has a number of features new to intermediate marketers could learn from. The link to the site at is not an affiliate link but presented as a choice for well presented training.

In the course they have :

▪ Hours Of Videos Covering Google Analytics Essentials, Video Analytics, Email Analytics, Analytics For Facebook and other social media properties
▪ Learn Pay Per Click, Social Media, SEO Metrics And Considerations.
▪ Intermediate Tips And Tricks On Setting Up And Tracking Your Site Quickly And Effective Analytics Hacks For Marketers!
▪ Detailed Checklists To Take Beginners And Intermediate Users Alike Along In Tracking Campaigns Effectively.

Watch the video below as they explain their site

It is well worth purchasing if you want to improve your site or blog or have a desire to get a primer on analytics.

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