Comprehensive Press Release Distribution Hits All Forms of Media

By | October 16, 2009

Good press release distribution starts with an extensive media list, which takes time to compile. If you need your story to quickly hit the presses, it’s best to work with a company that already has the contacts so that you can hit the ground running.

Often, it’s the local and smaller media outlets who will be more inclined to pick up your story first. Smaller outlets make the most sense to target as many of their stories are directly inspired by press releases.

Plus, many of the larger networks scan the smaller outlets for stories to pick up. You nab the interest of the smaller media branches as the story ricochets up into larger markets. Stories get shared by paper to paper. Good press release distribution starts small as the story can get passed up through the branches.

Yet you don’t want to send the press release to just anyone, or you may be accused of spamming. That’s a list you certainly don’t want to be on. Get known as a spammer, and you can easily get blacklisted in the media industry and they’ll never listen to your story again.

Make certain that you have specific contact information easily identified in your press release. Once you’ve hooked their attention, make it easy to contact you. Don’t make the reporter’s job difficult or they’ll just find another story that more conveniently makes their deadline.

The modern world features many media outlets, so contact different kinds across the board. Submit your press release to newspapers as well as trade journals and magazines, websites, radio and television shows.

Don’t leave out the bloggers as the blogging community can connect your story to other outlets by starting a media sensation.

Connect all different segments of the media with a comprehensive press release distribution. Get your story told with well written press releases that connect all segments of the media, including print, television and the Internet.

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