Multiply Your Income by 10 Times

Multiply Your Income by 10 Times: My good friend and mentor Ray Edwards from Spokane, Washington recently sent me this email about a free webinar about Multiplying Your Income by 10X he is offering. I have known this fellow for over 5 years and he is just outstanding. He is a teacher,preacher, and all around… Continue reading Multiply Your Income by 10 Times

The Most Powerful Word In Copywriting

Via – Local Search Marketing Ideas In this article, I reveal the most powerful word in copywriting. In fact, it’s the most powerful word in all the English language (or any language for that matter). David Frey is a great person to follow and is the author of a number of small business marketing… Continue reading The Most Powerful Word In Copywriting

Guerilla Marketing Goes Green

Guerilla Marketing Goes Green My buddy, master copywriter Ray Edwards passed a note on to me today about this new title out by the remarkable J. Conrad Levinson. Ray is the author of his own bestseller Writing Riches: Learn How to Boost Profits, Drive Sales and Master Your Financial Destiny With Results-Based Web Copy. “I… Continue reading Guerilla Marketing Goes Green

Writing Riches – Ray Edwards

Ray Edwards-Author-Writing Riches

Writing Riches: Learn How To Boost Profits,Drive Sales and Master Your Own Financial Destiny with Results-Based Web Copy If you want to learn from the best of the best in copywriting you look at their work and their willingness to share the wonderful skills that allows you to connect to readers and drive them to… Continue reading Writing Riches – Ray Edwards