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Care, Share, and Comment

My mother always said if you cannot say anything nice about someone do not say anything at all. My dad , a college football and basketball coach for over 40 years never spoke ill of someone, well maybe some referees who he might of accused of being deaf or blind, but he always found a good thing to… Read More »

Online Revenue Workshop |January 22-24 2010 |Make Money Online

Image via Wikipedia The Online Revenue Workshop will help you make more money online. My two friends Connie Ragen Green and Dr Jeanette Cates are holding a teaching and doing workshop in Las Vegas on January 22-24. This first Online Revenue Workshop will be an interactive and profitable learning experience. These two women have achieved success themselves with… Read More »

How to Use Twitter Effectively to Promote Your Products and Services With Social Networking

By Connie Ragen Green I am asked regularly how to use Twitter, the social networking site, most effectively. Many people want to promote their products and services there, only to find that people will quickly unfollow when they do so. If this sounds like something that could be helpful in building your online business, read on to find… Read More »

Time Management -Once It’s Gone It’s Gone

I belong to several Mastermind Groups and one of the themes I hear from each of my groups is Time Management. Kirt Christensen| Net Breakthroughs , Twitter ID: @kirtchristensen hosts a weekly webinar for members of the group. NetBreakthroughs and last week he brought to our attention a good tool to keep you aware of what you are… Read More »