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Adwords Slap on Review Sites- Perry Marshall & Dr. Glenn Livingston

No surprise to me about the latest Google slap on Adwords sites. The issue is improved user experience as it usually is from Google. If your QS is bad and you do not add immediate value to the reader more than just a flog with affiliate links, it comes to reason that you will not be rewarded. But… Read More »

Secret Affiliate Code 2- Review of Craig Beckta’s Latest SAC

I have just finished reading the Main Secret Affiliate Code 2 Manual which is 121 pages in length,crammed full of useful and actionable information. This also comes with 6 other Mini Guides and several interviews with internet success stories like Alex Goad. Craig also provides access to several videos that help the reader with specific topics. Like his… Read More »

Affiliate Payload Reviewed – A Review of Affiliate Payload

Alex Goad and his team have created a wonderful treasure trove of techniques for you to make money in affiliate marketing. This 277 page product is a blueprint for anyone looking to succeed in developing a six figure income in Affiliate Marketing using simple strategies and techniques. I have just finished reading this tome myself and have already… Read More »