Ryan Deiss -Weird split test doubles profit?

By | August 5, 2011

Ryan Deiss and Weird Split Testing

Everybody knows Ryan Deiss runs A LOT of split-tests, and in the past he’s
reported a good deal of these test results to his subscribers and even let some
friends (like me) send them out to our lists too….

BUT, he’s held some really good ones back too…

Ryan’s reserved his BEST tests and result just for his $25,000/yr. mastermind
members, and this (until now) was meant for them:

King of the Splits- Ryan Diess

Ryan Diess


This test is one that, so far, he’s only shared with them.


Because it instantly doubled his profits on every offer every time he tried it
without fail, that’s why.

…and it’s so simple, you can implement it in less than 60 seconds.

Ryan Deiss Doubles Profits

So what is it?

Ryan calls it “compound pricing”, and you’ve probably seen it but had no idea
it’s enormous effect on the bottom line.

Ryan made a private video just for you that shows exactly how the simple yet
powerful pricing tactic makes him more money than all the copywriting tweaks,
bonus offers, proposal follow-ups he could do a year.

To see it right now, and instantly profit from this jackpot strategy simply click
the link below. There’s nothing to buy, the video is free.

Click Here => http://www.whatsmyspin.com/enigma

Ryan Diess & “The Digital Marketing Lab”

So why is Ryan doing this? Like the last e-mails that I sent you mentioned, he’s
attempting to pay it forward, so to speak.

Ryan wants to show you, first hand, just a little of what’s inside his new
“Digital Marketer Lab” before he opens it for limited registration August 10h.

Stayed Tuned to Whats My Spin Folks

    P.S. One of Ryan’s students just used his “compound pricing” strategy $497
    product and the increased in dollars collected DOUBLED, just like when Ryan
    did it with a $197 over product.

    I’m tellin’ you, this is going to blow you away when you see it:

    P.P.S. This is not another upsell or cross sell strategy although it will work
    well with either of those. This is fun, have you guessed it yet?

    Find out if you’re right. Click the link below to watch the video.

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