Keyword Research is the Foundation of Good SEO

By | July 25, 2010

Keyword Research is your best SEO tool

Keyword Research is the basis for a good foundation in both SEO and PPC Management. There is much written on techniques but I would like to deal with some ideas for you that are easily done and will improve your results.

Keyword Research Tips for SEO & PPC

  1. Use the free keyword research tools like Google’s free Keyword Tool. Other tools include WordTracker. Google;s Search based Keyword Research tool, Wordstream .
  2. Use the Google Wonder Wheel to get derivatives and variations on that keyword   tool.
  3. Look at your own keywords and type your competitors name(s) into the tool also. Think laterally and find long-tailed keywords. Start with a large list and pare it down.
  4. Ask this question. If your ideal customer was searching for your product or service what might they search under?
  5. A useful tool is Google Suggest.  When you type your keyword into the seach box it will also give you a list of other keywords that you can use in your keyword research.

Keyword reserach-Google suggest

Paid Keyword Research Tools

  1. You can also use paid tools for Keyword Research if you wish. I use several well-tested tools. Market Samurai and Keyword Elite 2.0 Keyword Research Paid Tool

Remember also doing your research you will also find negative keywords that you can deploy in your PPC campaigns to avoid wasting resources and ad spend. If you are searching for more on this topic I found Lisa Barone’s article at Search Engine Guide on Keyword Research very helpful.

2 thoughts on “Keyword Research is the Foundation of Good SEO

  1. associationaim

    Quite true. Pay per click advertising can grant quick page views aimed at your site. As soon as you established your account, you get the outcome right away. Additionally, it provides you with better handle as well as versatility as compared to normal search engines. Being a marketer, you’ve got comprehensive management on the amount you are prepared to compensate with regards to more visitors or more buyers.

  2. Bill Davis

    Awesome advice! I especially like #4. Too many people do not differentiate between what may be called “search engine keywords” and “money keywords.” If you want rankings, you have to go for the former. To get targeted buyers, go for the latter!


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