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The Ultimate PPC Management Tool SpeedppcV4

One of the biggest problems for PPC users is the time and manual labour involved in setting up campaigns with thousands of groups and keywords. Internet marketing specialists always use a PPC Management tool to save time and money.

Some are keyword Research tools, some formatters, landing page auto generators or plain and simple automation tools. When I started PPC there were practically no tools available at save a few Excel macros that would help speed up putting “quotes” and [brackets] around my keywords. Others provide miss-spellings and add suffix or prefixes to keywords in order to allow you to test beyond your imagination.

Most of these automation assistants did a specific task but none did a complete job, requiring you to use multiple tools to get your manual work done quicker. That is until a young Australian, named Jay Stockwell introduced Speed PPC to the market in 2007. It was the Swiss army knife of PPC (Pay Per Click) Management tools. From his base on the east coast of Queensland in Brisbane he and marketing partner Allen Gardyne brought a time saving ppc management tool to the market which provided the ability to input keywords,select groupings, place add copy for the ads and do it all and more in mere minutes, for work that was taking many hours to complete.

Speed PPC v4.5 as a PPC Management Tool

The three year old .Net software is Windows-based and has been updated with changes since its inception. As market needs changed it would adapt and now can be used for Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo campaigns. It also integrated with a number of other newer ppc operators like 7 Search,Ask,Miva and Looksmart . The current Version 4.5 also provides supports for PPV (PayPerView) Networks like LeadImpact/Zango, AdOn and Media Traffic which have grown in the last two years.
A user can also customize the software layouts to other specific needs without new versions being released, just through configuration changes. This feature allows a great deal of flexibility in a rapidly changing environment.

PPC Management Tool
Speed PPC V4.5

I have used the Speed PPC PPC Management Tool for over 2 years and have found it a godsend. You gain great time leverage from it and it allows for rapid deployment in mere minutes. When you are planning campaigns with locations based ads, or product-based ads you will find the collection of over 400 keyword modifier lists such as state,country,city listings. This is located in the Campaign builder module and once these lists are loaded they are available for your use in any campaign. For example if you were looking to place location specific ads for” DUI attorney” in every city of a US, it would be a few keystrokes to add these modifiers.

A PPC Management Tool for Speed and Conversion

Speed PPCV4.5 comes in 4 basic parts. The Campaign Builder is the core which allows you to import keywords,ad groups,ad copy,bid pricing and the url’s both display and actual url combination. It allows for the use of dynamic keywords, based on a seed keyword and a variety of expansion keywords. The second part are Landing Page Templates for your offers that allow for Dynamic Text Insertions which will provide the user what they are looking for, improve your quality score and conversion results. The third part is Affiliate Data Feed Software which allows you to create a dynamic user experience through the use of affiliate supplied database files. With the aid of this software, you’ll be able to use data directly from your affiliate datafeed files to build specific campaigns and create matching landing pages. A fourth module gives you a WordPress Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool and Landing Page Creator, through PHP, which allows you to use datafeeds on a WordPress blog platform with similar ease. All help lower your bid prices and improve your quality score.

Below find a video on the Speed PPC 4.5 PPC Management Tool.

You never feel left alone with this tool as regular trainings are done as Webinars. In addition here is a library of training tools and over 25 videos that will take you from beginner to Adwords Wizard in short order. It is detailed and step-by-step, holding your hand through each art of planning,building and executing a PPC Campaign. If I were an educator this might be an MBA in Adwords education in a box. It contained all I needed to get a good understanding of the mechanics and fundamentals of PPC Management Tools.

Its time to look for your PPC and PPV breakthrough with Speed PPCV4.5 as your PPC Management Tool

By Robert Metras

Rob is an experienced internet marketer and author. He helps businesses, professionals and organizations to raise their online visibility in local search and get more from their promotions and advertising and free use of search engine products.

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