PodcastSecrets 2009- Podcasting and Monetization

By | March 26, 2009

Podcast Secrets 2009 will start on April 22, 2009. i was a student in 2008 and was a finalist in the Podcast Secrets Contest for beginners. That was a great challenge for me, and I know you would benefit from the program if you wish to improve your skills and monetize your podcasts. I hope you will all be on the Preview Call on April 2009. Here is what you will find:

In just two hours, Alex and Paul promise to teach you:

* Exactly 8 reasons why Podcasting brings them, and can bring you, a critical business (and profit) advantage.

* 7 secrets to producing profitable Podcasting content in the fastest possible time.

* 9 marketing channels for the Podcasters … and how to leverage each one.

* The 6-Step Podcast Monetization Roadmap

* How to part-the-curtain on the listening habits of your audience, and leverage that knowledge to produce profitable audience action.

* At least 5 things, you can implement today that will integrate your Podcast content into your business structure … and how to see results almost instantly.

* 7 steps to getting your Podcast audience to take the very actions you want them to take.

Here is a short video from Podcast Secrets:

Sign up for the preview call by visiting Podcast Secrets Call

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