Perry Marshall | Old Man of Google Adwords at 40 ?

By | April 7, 2009

One of my earliest Adwords teachers, Perry Marshall , author of the Definitive Guide to Adwords is having a series of

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this week to celebrate his 40th birthday. I will also celebrate my birthday on Friday as well, but I have a few years on this whiz kid.
Its interesting in the Web 2.0 world you can be old early. Perry may be be 40 but the wisdom he displays is way beyond his chronological years.

He is featuring the following experts and colleagues :

You can register here : Perry Marshall Birthday Teleseminars

1. Wednesday April 8 at 11:30am CST – Stephen Juth, creator of AdWord Accelerator, will do an advanced Keyword Research clinic. 5 years ago keywords were a “sling mud against the wall” proposition. If you use that strategy today, your body will be found floating down the sewage channel of the information superhighway. Stephen sent Perry his outline last night and it’s killer.

2. Thursday April 9 at 11:30am CST – Terry Dean on the basics of building an automated online sales machine. Terry is one of the ORIGINAL online marketing gurus; Perry was reading his email newsletter in 1998 in his Dilbert Cube. His knowledge helped me escape the earth’s gravitational pull. It’ll help you too.

3. Thursday April 9 at 10pm CST – John Carlton , one of the world’s most revered and imitated copywriters does a Late Night Pajama Jam, the first he’s done with Perry in nearly 5 years. He’s going to take three sales letters that were runaway success stories and rip them apart in real time, explain the hooks, the offers and the psychology. Veils will be lifted from your eyes.

4. Friday April 10 at 8am CST – John Paul Mendocha – Dr. Speedselling , will explore how sales people and Joint Venture Entrepreneurs sabotage themselves and so often walk away without the prize. Based on his 30 years of machine gun fire in the trenches, he’ll explain the counter-intuitive mindset that champions use to torpedo the competition and secure the best deals. You’ll be mesmerized by his edgy stories.

5. Friday April 10 at 10am CST – Richard Stokes , president of, de-constructs Google’s CTR and Ad Rank formula – he believes he’s finally cracked the code on this, and with terabytes of research data, he’s surely the only guy in the world who could even lay claim to such a statement. If you’re buying Google clicks you can’t afford to miss this.

6. Friday April 10 at 11:30am CST – Marlon Sanders , one of the ORIGINAL online marketing geniuses, on: 15 Years of Sense and Nonsense in online marketing. This man has SEEN IT ALL. Every scam, every delusion, as well as many hundreds of outrageously successful businesses that he’s seen from the inside out. This is likely to be a non-stop 90 minute rant and he’s not going to care if your feelings get hurt. But he’ll pound some sense into everybody.

7. Friday April 10 at 4pm CST – @Michael Cage is a senior member of Perry’s inner sanctum. He and Perry were in the same Mastermind Group under Dan Kennedy for 4 years and he’s the smartest under-30 marketer I know. Young whippersnapper and razor sharp.

You can register here : Perry Marshall Birthday Teleseminars

These speakers will generate lots of valuable ideas and you will not want to miss this.

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