Spectacular Presentations- All It Says It Is

I posted a video testimonial below on a neat service that I have seen used by Alex Mandossian , one of the foremost marketing teachers on the planet along with his partner Paul Colligan the Podcast Secrets guy. My friends Pat and Lorna Shanks from Edmonton, Alberta are the brains behind this great multi media learning tool. It… Read More »

Affiliate Payload Reviewed – A Review of Affiliate Payload

Alex Goad and his team have created a wonderful treasure trove of techniques for you to make money in affiliate marketing. This 277 page product is a blueprint for anyone looking to succeed in developing a six figure income in Affiliate Marketing using simple strategies and techniques. I have just finished reading this tome myself and have already… Read More »

20 Free Social Media E-Books

Chris Brogan has justed posted a great resource for those of you who are interested in social media marketing. It’s interesting what you can find when you look around a bit on Google. I thought I’d look for a few new ebooks to read. I found 20 different ones that might be interesting to you. It never hurts… Read More »