How Do You Get Page Speed Easily

Jack Up Your Page Speed   Every now and then a training product comes along that makes everything you already own and know better. It somehow reaches into the marketplace, pinpoints the major problems, and offers a killer solution that gets marketers like you and I real results. That is EXACTLY what Speed Demon  has just done  for Page Speed improvement to the entire SEO… Read More »

Beyond Social: The Benefits To Google+ For Business

See on – Local Search Marketing Ideas Working for an online marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization for small businesses means that Google pretty much runs my life. Our email is Google. Our documents are in Google Drive. Our lives revolve around keeping up with Google algorithm changes and Google+ Local’s latest and greatest ideas… Read More »

The Ultimate Guide To Local Schema

See on – Local Search Marketing Ideas A step-by-step guide to implementing local schema on your website(s) Rob Metras‘s insight: Make sure you can be found and snippets created See on

Facebook Image Dimensions You Need to Know

Every Facebook image size in one place Courtesy of: Facebook Page Timeline Cover Photo Image Size: 851×315 px upload and display Height from Profile Photo Edge: 210 px Width from Profile Photo Right Edge: 658 px Width from Profile Photo Left Edge: 23 px Profile Photo Recommended Upload Size: 180×180 px Display Size: 160×160 px Width of… Read More »