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By | August 13, 2010

Transcription Services Save Time and Money

When I think of Transcription services it brings up a pleasant thought to me. Have you ever been thinking and writing at the same time and your fingers cannot keep up with your brain, or that voice that is talking to you. It is a frustration and one that can easily be avoided.

By using a reliable Transcription service you can take that little voice or your spoken word and turn it into useful content quickly. By repurposing your actual voice and speeches you can improve upon them, and can use the transcription services to allow you multiple ways of repurposing into articles, special reports and blog posts from your written word without going through the process of re-writing what you have already said.

By nature I am more comfortable doing a presentation before 50 to 5000 people from notes that I have prepared prior to speaking covering the points I want to talk about. I also like the conversational language that can put more oomph and enthusiasm that I cannot easily create with the written word alone.

Transcription Services Create Faster Production Cycles

This past week I had an audio file that I required to be transcribed. I found Tech-Synergy, a transcription services firm with an excellent reputation for great service and an excellent quality of work in transcribing a voice file to awritten MSWord Document file. They have been around for a while, doing a variety of transcription services for clients all around the globe. Some clients I knew of in Canada were using them as well as several across a variety of industries in the United States.

Transcription Services

They turned around an audio file in a matter of hours that might of taken me hours to re-write. This improved my productivity and time to market immensely and gave me more time for other tasks. I was thoroughly impressed with their service and quality and will be using them again . I am not an affiliate for this service but if you need transcription services you should contact Asish Saboo at Tech-Synergy. [] or call at 626-549-3274. Their website is

Transcription Services at Live Events

I intend to do another post specifically about the perils and pitfalls of taping your own webinars or teleseminars while you are doing all the production. The favorite supplier of mine and many of my marketer friends is the family-owned business operated by Kay Mitchell and her sons Recorded Moments . They provide a fantastic on site recording setup for seminars, so that you may create content from your speaking.

Transcription Services are a valuable tool to any marketer who wants to do it once and use it many times, thus increasing their exposure,visibility and productivity.

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