Trust Agents

By | August 23, 2010

Trust Agents Review

I have just finished reading Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith for the second time. This the hardcover version although a paperback edition of Trust Agents has just been released.

Trust Agents are also Smart Marketers

Knowing both of the authors of Trust Agents , Julien Smith and Chris Brogan from listening to them on Media Hacks-part of the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast I enjoyed their storytelling. The message is universal throughout Trust Agents. Give more than you receive and you will benefit in untold ways.

Chris Brogan is a consummate blogger at Chris and is always providing valuable content that one thinks of him at top of mind when you think of a modern marketer. The written dialogue between the two authors and their observations of each other are unique and give you a good view into their personalities. They both are “what you see is what you get kinda guys” who entertain as well as educate.

Trust Agents

Trust Agents Is Timeless

Even though I have a couple of decades on them I enjoyed their repetition of what works in the business world, from the perspective of timelessness. I am always interested in Trust and Social Media and its application by those that are trusted. Trust Agents is a good read for any one who enjoys relationship marketing and marketing in general.

I also have written a review on Amazon on this book.

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