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By | December 30, 2009
Ryan Deiss & Jessica Mullen @ Austin Internet ...
Image by jessica mullen via Flickr

Hey Rob Metras here…

Old, ordinary list building methods flat out don’t work anymore…

Simple as that…

So what can you do NOW to break into the internet marketing
game? What’s the most effective methods, fastest tricks?

Ryan Deiss made a new video talking about what he’s using personally
to build his list and it is working great across multiple markets.

Get your Free Listbuilding Video

The video is FREE!

Go watch this video right now, just click the link below…

Show me how its done Ryan.

He exposes the real, down and dirty, underground methods that all of the insiders are using today.

NOTE: Don’t share this videos with outsiders, He made this just for people who are serious on my list and for a handful of personal
friends and it will disappear shortly, if it hasn’t already…

Go watch it now before he rips it down:


Rob Metras

P.S. These are the only ways left, I know, to build a big list fast.
The proof is in the pudding…Ryan’s list is now over 400,000
( it was just 8000 18 months ago) This stuff really works and the
video is FREE!

Remember this boy Ryan and his country hick friend Perry Belcher have been cashing big checks for themselves and others

Here’s Ryan on a new technique of opt-in that is really working:

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