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By | July 1, 2010

Landing Page Optimization Matters

Its Canada Day here, the celebration of 143 years of Canada’s existence and we celebrated it in the national capital, Ottawa with a visit from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She reminded us that she has been on the throne for a great deal of the time, saluted us a mature nation, and lauded us on our Gold Medal Hockey win at the Vancouver Olympics.

But what does that have to do with Landing Page Optimization. Well it goes like this. Vancouver is the home town of startup Unbounce, which specializes in Landing Page Creation. The Unbounce folks tell us “that Unbounce is a self-serve hosted service that provides marketers doing paid search, banner ads, email or social media marketing, the easiest way to create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers.”

Imagine if we could do Landing Page Optimization without having to have developers or webmasters create websites for us before we were aware if the product or service that we wanted to create was going to have a steady customer base. We could bring new ideas to the marketplace much quicker and test various ideas without having to build out full websites. It could also be used to create landing pages for high converting CPA offers that you may have on another site.

Landing Page Optimization

allows you to use and adapt a landing page template which permits you to put up a landing page built on industry best practices. This allow you to initiate a new marketing campaign in minutes, optimized by experts for conversion with absolutely no knowledge of HTML or web design. Grab the logo from your website, insert a product photo, write some sales copy that matches your PPC ads ,if you are using them, and you can be up and running with a minimum of hassle and time. It is like creating a Powerpoint presentation.

Landing Page Optimization Templates

have been designed with conversion in mind using intelligent Call to Action (CTA) placement, bullet lists, video widgets and simple lead capture forms. They just announced an integration with Mail Chimp so you could have auotresponder and landing page done free or use one of their varied monthly plans. MailChimp also offers a free account.

Landing Page Optimization

The concept of using a landing page which is optimized for just one thing will improve results compared to using your index page, which has many other distractions on it.

I recommend you also visit Anne Holland‘s WhichTestWon site for a comment on optin box placement. Anne also has a number of results of tests that were done that you can find on Which Test Won. She is a recognized expert at marketing and shares videos,pdf files and pats test results to help you improve your results. A lot of her material is created for corporate and enterprise markets but it is very instructive.

Vancouver is also the home town of Wider Funnel a leader in Marketing Optimisation. Raquel Hirsch and Chris Goward author their blog which also has a lot of useful information on Landing Page Optimization.

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  1. Oli Gardner

    Many thanks for mentioning Unbounce Rob!
    It’s an exciting time being a startup in Vancouver – there is a rich history of internet entrepreneurship here and we really hope to continue that trend by working with local partners as we continue to grow.



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