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By | May 25, 2014
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Questions and Answers

Honest riches 2?

Anyone who have tried this? Is the ebook any good?


Posted by Matt
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Yes, this is an awesome ebook. It will show you multiple ways to begin making money online, whether you have your own products or wish to do affiliate marketing. Holly Mann describes in detail how to promote your product or your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques; How to use articles to bring traffic to your site; and how to begin marketing even before you build your website. This is not a get rich quick scheme and I would warn you against products that make huge claims. Be prepared to work at Internet Marketing because like with anything new, there is a learning curve, but Holly Mann's EBook, Honest Riches 2 will teach you things that will serve you from here on out… And once you purchase the book, you will receive updates for life.
I spent hundreds of dollars before I purchased Honest Riches, and I wish I would have found this first, because this is the book I use. Good luck to you!

What is media and marketing in college ?

I want to study that in college but im not sure what it is about .

Posted by may
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New media marketing is a relatively new concept used by businesses in developing an online community, which allows satisfied customers to congregate and extol the virtues of a particular brand. In most cases, the online community includes mechanisms such as blogs, podcasts, message boards, product reviews, Wikipedia, and social networks all of which contribute to a transparent forum to post praises, criticisms, questions, and suggestions.

One of the primary arguments to promote new media marketing is the premise that traditional advertising is losing its influence on consumers. Backed by statistical evidence demonstrating a growing trend of consumers making purchasing decisions based on Internet research and referrals.[1] These advocates strongly adhere to the notion that consumers are more inclined to believe feedback from like-minded peers than corporate marketing verbiage dispersed through traditional television, radio, direct mail, or newspaper advertising.

Although businesses would be exposing certain weaknesses to the marketplace by allowing individuals, or even competitors, to post critical comments, responding with an honest and transparent answer designed around solving the issue at hand may mitigate potential risks.

New media marketing is most effectively marketed by internet-driven technology such as blogs, RSS, web video productions, podcasts and social networking platforms.

What jobs are there in the marketing field?

I am considering studying marketing. Which jobs are there in the field? I have no clue about anything marketing related. Also, what do I need to study in college? Do I need to go to grad school?

Posted by Jen B
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There are so many to choose from but honestly…

Try out Internet Marketing. There are some great products out there that can help you when it comes to marketing over the internet, you can probably find a few on my review site. But please make sure to do your research before just hoping into any random Internet marketing program.

I have made a pretty decent amount of money in the internet marketing business and it's all with hardly any effort. Of course, I do put effort towards my home-business but… I have enough free time to get out and still ride my motorcycle and spend with friends everyday.

Also to be honest… I finished high school with good grades but did not further myself by even going to college.

I really hope I helped you out and if you have any questions you can email me, my name is Jeremiah Justin Lewis and i've listed a link to my review website to help you out 🙂

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ReachLocal Reviews: "Doubled My Service Profits"

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