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By | May 25, 2014
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Internet/Affliate marketing?

Hi I am new to affliate/internet marketing. Can somebody please give me information from where should I start?right from basic, practical but not much therotical………..

Posted by Vijay D
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Hi,Affiliate marketing can be anywhere from promoting someone elses software, ebook, product, or service. You can get in free or have to pay a fee. Normally if you paid an affiliate fee, you got into a home based business. Since you do not know where to start, I would presume you are doing something free where there is no real training.

The first thing most affiliate marketers do is copy and paste the hype that got them in and then go out and spam their new affiliate link everywhere they can, be it forums, groups, here on answers, social networks, etc. This doesn't work and more importantly, it can get you banned, dependent on where you are posting. People do this because no one above them takes the time to work with them to help them become successful.

I am sure you are excited about the possibility of making some additional income, however, I would start with education personally. I would ask that you take a time out before getting started and do a bit of reading. And I say that because I DIDN'T and failed miserably. Before I knew it I was in half a dozen affiliate programs and still not making anything.

This is what I would suggest, I wrote a blog about advice for working from home. You can find a link in the 2nd paragraph of my profile here on answers.

I don't know what your expectations are, whether it is to make a couple of bucks, a couple of hundred bucks or get into the thousands. If it's in the thousands, then also download the free ebook listed at the bottom of my profile…. And please at least put in a real email address so that you can be notified of free upcoming generic trainings.

I am part of a free generic mentoring group and until I got in, I failed horribly because there was no upline support. But luckily I found this unique International group, started listening to some of the training and turned my failure around to success.

Anyone can be successful if they have the right tools and training. Someone once said, "you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.' Well, you have taken the first step by joining something and asking questions. If you want to be a professional marketer, then the next steps are up to you.
~best wishes
Helping others create additional income from home one step at a time.

PS: I can also recommend some great books to read…

Home business ideas? Art, crafts, skilled, trade business (not internet marketing!)?

What are the trends now a days, I'm not looking to join an internet marketing business. I do not believe in them. I am willing to learn a new trade and I'm wondering what new and emerging trends are these days.

I am a stay at home Mom. Enjoy arts, crafts… Working from my garage basically.

Thanks for your ideas!

Posted by Holy..cow!
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If you want to start a business from home then it has to be something you have a passion for. What do you like to do? What are you good at? Are there any skills that you would like to learn? Are you creative?

Have you ever tried beading or making jewelry? Jewelry has been around since the beginning of time and probably always will be. But it is also a big competition out there, so you need to make your jewelry unique and creative.

Check out this site:

The whole site is a home based jewelry business and design guide with hundreds of ideas and tips to inspire you to design and create unique bead jewelry designs that will give you an edge in the market place.

A great resource for inspiration and innovation in marketing and designing handmade bead jewelry from home.


What are advantages/dis advantages of internet marketing?

Internet marketing not internet advertising.

Posted by coolit d
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Internet marketing, also known as SEO, is typically considered the most effective form of marketing, online or offline. That is because having Internet marketing performed correctly and ethically on one's Website allows the site to reach the most online visitors, across the most states and countries, across many search engines, for numerous keyword terms.

Other advantages include: being able to build brand recognition, a site can achieve first page keyword rankings across search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and others, eliminating costly PPC programs if a site is optimized naturally/organically in engines, and a site owner can see a fast ROI (return on investment).

Internet marketing, while usually a monthly ongoing maintenance fee, may still seem too expensive for businesses working out of their homes or small business trying to find an affordable way to market their websites online. In addition, once an Internet marketing or SEO professional completely stops maintaining your Internet marketing program for you (and you do not considerd yourself to be a qualified professional), the rankings a site owner worked so hard to achieve in the search engines eventually drop/fall in the results (nobody working on keeping them there anymore). Getting high keyword rankings and keeping them takes ongoing commitment and time, so when nobody is there anymore to continuously work on the rankings, they will fall. One last disadvantage I can think of is that sometimes Websites simply cannot be optimized at all or have Internet marketing performed, due to a number of reasons, such as the Website was designed/built in a way that search engines cannot find or recognize pages within the site in order to optimize it (frames, flash websites, dynamic HTML pages, etc).

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