Stock Digital Images are Storytellers

By | April 15, 2012

Stock Digital Images are storytellers and have been use in the advertising world for years. Today I want to look at one of the sources I use for Stock Digital Images and art that can be manipulated to illustrate or entertain the visitor on your blog or website. This also includes the ability to create digital canvases by using the Adobe Photoshop images of the stock photo to create new images.
The wonderful tool that I use is Fotalia for both free and paid images.

stock digital images

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According to Wikipedia as of October 2008, Fotolia had more than 800,000 members who had uploaded more than 4.2 million photographs and graphic illustrations. By the end of July 2010, those numbers had more than doubled to over 1,967,000 members and 9.8 million images, vector illustrations and HD videos.Today, Fotolia has over 3 million users, hosts 16 million+ files, and is available worldwide in 12 languages and 14 countries. They also recently acquired Wilogo, a crowdsourced design community. Fotalia is truly a community serving their users as well as their contributors and has helped hundreds of thousands of photographers sell images at affordable prices to millions of business owners and graphic designers.

Stock Digital Images by Fotalia

A picture is worth a thousand words. “This phrase emerged in the USA in the early part of the 20th century. Its introduction is widely attributed to Frederick R. Barnard, who published a piece commending the effectiveness of graphics in advertising with the title “One look is worth a thousand words”, in Printer’s Ink, December 1921. Barnard claimed the phrase’s source to be oriental by adding “so said a famous Japanese philosopher, and he was right”.

When using stock digital images in marketing we are allowing the picture to tell the story or enhance the imagery of the story. There are several new Fotalia offerings that allow you to use the stock digital images yourself and or integrate them with art or other design work in tools like Adobe’s Photoshop.CS6™

Here are some of the innovations in stock digital images that Fotalia has in their offerings.

Adobe and Microsoft Plugins

The Adobe plugin allows you to browse, manage and incorporate Fotolia images inside any Adobe CS5 or greater application. Whether your favorite program is InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator, you get instant access to over 16 million stock images and vectors directly within the application. Your workflow will increase more than ever with time-saving features like light-boxes, galleries and spec tracking if you have these tools.

The tool is free and can be downloaded at

You can also find tools that integrate the images directly into Microsoft Office™ programs like Powerpoint and Word. Go to the Fotalia site for details and download.

digital stock image

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Digital Stock Images and Art

Fotalia has also sponsored the TEN COLLECTION

What’s the TEN Collection? Simply put, TEN Collection is 10 artists – 10 themes -10 months – 10 PSDs
They have presented some amazing digital artists to share their unique know-how and talent with you since last fall. As I write they have already presented 5 artists. The works are Free on the day they come out and then are charged for after Each artist will walks you through the process of turning basic images into an intricate digital PSD creation.

Visit the TEN website to follow along to see his work unfold, step-by-step. Don’t miss out, on the FREE PSD file download – only only the day released ! You’ll gain great insight to all the materials, elements and special tools he used so you can see how each individual graphic component played a part in creating his final image. This is like a free masterclass for you.

Here is a little video with English subtitles of how you can learn if you are a designer or blogger and want to use Fotalia images and art in your work.

TEN Collection by FOTOLIA – Trust In Elements (US) from Teaser Fotolia TEN Collection on Vimeo.

So there you have it, a few ideas for incorporating images into your blog

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