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By | May 30, 2009

Online marketing is the way to go if you want to make money online. With all the affiliate programs out there where do we even begin? CPA or cost per action is definitely the up and coming kid on the block.

Cost per action is different from a normal affiliate program because instead of making a commission when a visitor buys from the merchant, all we need to do is generate a lead for the merchant. This means that we don’t need anyone to buy anything. We just need them to sign up. This could be as simple as a name and email address.

Companies are willing to pay a lot of money for these leads because you are in a sense getting them targeted buyers and possibly repeat customers. Nothing is worth more to a company than targeted consumers.

We can setup a CPA campaign similar to an affiliate marketing campaign. Usually with a website offering free sample. When a visitor to our page is interested in the free sample they click through to the merchant’s page. If they sign up, the merchant gets a sales lead and we get paid!

What can make this more appealing than normal affiliate marketing is that we don’t actually need the customer to buy anything. It tends to be easier to get somebody to just fill out their name and e-mail address for a free sample than get them to take cash out of their wallet.

Just like affiliate marketing there are CPA networks that you can sign up to. All you need to do is become a member and start searching through their database of clients. You can then setup a web page, market through email, or any other number of ways that you can reach people.

All in all it is a pretty simple and quick way of making some cash on the side. If you really want to get deep and explore CPA further I recommend a new product from Craig Beckta called Secret Cash Blueprint. He is giving away all the tips and secrets to be extremely successful at CPA.

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The author of this blog also thinks Craig Beckta is a bright fellow too and encourages you to look at a number of the things this prolific young man has put out including Secret Affiliate Code2. Likewise another great affiliate marketer is New Zealand’s Mark Ling of Affilorama. You can get his latest product AffiloBlueprint- Affiliate Marketing Training. I just saw Mark teach, to popular acclaim, at the PPC Classroom – Live
Event 2009
at the Las Vegas Hilton.

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