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By | December 20, 2009
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The Online Revenue Workshop will help you make more money online.

My two friends Connie Ragen Green and Dr Jeanette Cates are holding a teaching and doing workshop in Las Vegas on January 22-24. This first Online Revenue Workshop will be an interactive and profitable learning experience. These two women have achieved success themselves with their internet online and offline marketing efforts. Connie recently participated in Armand Morin’s AM2.0 Group and competed against other members of this group in the Best of The Best contest held in Vegas at Morin’s Big Seminar Event. The $25,000.00 prize and the admiration of her peers demonstrated to all present that she knows her stuff and can convey her messages. Likewise Dr Jeanette Cates who operates the Techtamers family of sites, has a wide variety of teaching products such as Online Success Basics who will talk about how to host,create and implement webinars, to help you achieve online success and allow you to make money online.

Connie Ragen Green provides courses such as From Idea To Ebook HomeStudy Course to Internet marketers and small businesses that want to grow and is famous for her simplicity and empathy. She has derived a 5 Prong Approach which is blogging, articlemarketing, social networking ,teleseminars and affilliate marketing and has trained many marketers on how to make money online.

I have taken and participated in both ladies course offerings and highly recommend them to you. I also participate in their affiliate programs as well.

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