Leverage Your Blog Today to Pull in Profits

By | October 19, 2009

How are you using your blog to pull in profits right now? Chances are you’re doing what 90% of the marketers out there do and simply have a blog where you post great content and then periodically promote affiliate products or CPA offers. After all, that’s the commonly ‘prescribed’ method of making money by blogging.

While that does work, to a degree, there are more advanced methods that could be way more effective. One of these is: Leverage.

Even if you have no introduction whatsoever to leverage, you’ll find that you can use your blog as part of a plan that uses it to perfection. In fact, the only thing you need (apart from your blog, of course!) is an eBook product of your own. Without your own product you’ll find that you can carry out this plan in different ways – but it won’t be as effective.

So let’s say you have an eBook. Were you to just go about marketing the ‘normal’ way via your blog, you’d probably dedicate a post or two to it, and maybe even set up a sales page. However, you’re not going to do that. Instead, you’re going to take that eBook and extract a chapter that you feel is particularly interesting, and make it into a 10 page report or so.

Now you have two products: An eBook and a report. From that report, you can then create blog posts that talk about various topics that are covered in the report itself. Try to aim for around 5 or so. Each of these blog posts should be aimed at eventually leading the reader to the report itself, which you’re going to be giving away for FREE when your readers sign up to your list. Perhaps you might have a newsletter that you send your readers to like Online Success News

Basically, this means that when people read your blog posts, they’ll have the option of finding out more by simply signing up to your list and downloading the report for free. In the report, there should also be an option to find out even more by purchasing your eBook!

See how you’re now using a linear plan for marketing?

Truth be told, you could branch things out even further, and create various other blog posts from your eBook itself to promote both the report and eBook. By not promoting the eBook directly though, you’re going to be simply ‘providing value’ to your readers, and it is far less likely to come off as simply trying to palm products off onto them. Besides your blog you could also do Article Marketing as well.

At the same time, you’ll be building your list and starting to be able to market more and more products as and when you come up with them.

Using this strategy, you should be able to pull in far more profits from your blog simply by maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing. That in itself will set you apart from the minnows of the marketing world, and let you swim with the big fish!

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3 thoughts on “Leverage Your Blog Today to Pull in Profits

  1. Dean Lodge

    Great information. I think the idea of taking a part of the ebook to create a report is a good idea. Also a good idea to take a part of that ebook and create a pdf, a video or a power point presentation that could be posted on format-specific websites. This could bring visitors to your site that might not necessarily have found you with just your blog.

    1. The Silent Seller

      You never can go wrong by repurposing your content Into articles,video or audio because evryone has a different learning style. Some want to see it, listen to it or read it. Oen your market up for choice simply.

  2. Matt Hayden

    Thanks for this outline. I agree that you shouldn’t just think of your blog as the final destination. You should always keep trying to develop new ways to use it as a stepping stone.

    Another way to leverage your blog is to get a gig writing a column in a newspaper, or blogging for the online section of one. A blog can both get you noticed, and show that you have expertise in your chosen area. The archives that you’ve amassed also prove that you can deliver the goods regularly.


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