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By | July 10, 2009

Marketing information products, or e-books, is one of the best ways to make money online. The first thing you should do is research about what the market wants to read in an e-book. After you write your e-book, you need to get traffic to your website that sells your e-book.

Whats the best way to generate interest in your e-book?

By writing articles! You have researched keyword phrases and used them to write your e-book. Use those same keyword phrases to write articles, which will add more backward links to your e-book website. At the end of each article, add a link that leads people to your website. You may also want to add a brief note about yourself, the author, and offer them something of value for visiting your site. This “ethical bribe” can be information, a newsletter, or something else that will attract attention.

If you are writing an article that tells your reader how to save money, you can include a resource box like this one. “Stephen Beck has written many articles on throwing a wonderful wedding on a shoestring budget and is giving away a free report entitled, Saving Money While Still Having a Great Wedding. Click here for your free copy.”

When customers click that link, they arrive at your website. A pop-up collects their e-mail address so you can send their free copy. At the same time, they are exposed to all the benefits of your wonderful e-book, which encourages them to buy.

After your articles are complete, they will help you create a massive e-book promotion. Send articles to article directories, blogs, e-zines ” anywhere you can. Heres a hint: Webmasters love fresh, new, free articles to add to their websites. It doesnt matter that you have a link to your own website.

When these articles become a part of other peoples web pages and blogs, they provide backward links to your site and they establish you an an authority in your market. This really improves your ranking in search engines and drives visitors to your e-book sales page.

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