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By | January 19, 2010

One of the things that worries me the most about having my pictures or videos on another site like YouTube,Facebook,or Flicker is I am reliant on another company for my own content and if they go away, or change their terms of service, I am left holding an empty hand.

The same goes for written content such as blogs on Blogger, or, or microblogs such as Twitter, Friendfeed where you are at the mercy of the site you are using.

To protect yourself you must have your content saved on services or storage that you can control. So what is this new service ? is a backup service that allows you to backup all of your content on your Social media Sites such as Facebook,Twitter,or Friendfeed.

Backupify has a special free offer, that will continue for the life of your account, that is valid until January 31,2010. After that the site will change to a free-premium model. I heard Rob May one of the founders of the service on Net@Night on with @leoLaporte and @Ambermac. You can find the interview here onNet@Night.

You can use their storage which is provided through their Amazon EC Cloud storage or you can use your own Amazon S3 Account. Both are very scalable . It is clearly a good deal worth a try .

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