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By | February 20, 2012

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About Pages really aren’t that complicated. So why are most of them so horrible? Quick … read this, then go fix yours… A great idea, maybe I should do it! [note MG]   Does thinking about it make you stumble and sweat?   Have you put it off, because you’re worried it will suck?   You’re not alone — lots of website owners have an easier time proposing marriage than they do writing a solid About Page.   If that’s you, you’re probably overcomplicating things. A good About Page is simple, straightforward, and it communicates just a few key things.   But just because they’re simple doesn’t mean people don’t screw them up.   There are certain mistakes that I see again and again, on sites that deserve better. These mistakes are easy to fix and they’re pushing away the people you want to bring closer: your wonderful website readers.   Read more:   Thank you fellow curator Martin Geysler for finding and sharing this post and writing the review above!

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